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Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Job hunting

Thought I'd do a blog just to place a bit of evidence on the net at how ridiculous the times have got...

So yea, I got told by a company the other day I was to over qualified and by another that I wasn't qualified enough for the same type of role. HMMM?!!!
I also am kind of fed up of receiving emails with phrases such as...
'we regret to inform you that due to the excess amount of applications' ... and some even asking for money and promising a well paid job after, erm no?!

So yesterday I applied for 19 jobs.

here is one I can allow you to follow me on as I will have access via computer to all of the recruitment stages. (If I get anywhere)

The first was a role at LuluGuinness, I didn't know it was that company until I looked in to it, All I did was search sales, administration, retail. how good would it be to get a job at LuluGuinness! here is the email I sent attatching my CV.

Please find my CV attached in regards to the above position.

I have experience within an HR adminstrative retail environment but am now looking for a more front of house type of role, If you also know of any other positions that may be better suited to me then please let me know as I am very interested in working for your company.

Many thanks for your time and consideration, I am sure this is one of a hundred of applications!

Luiza Sneath
not heard anything back yet... but yes, I did this for over 10 companies, 19 to be exact and that was just yesterday.

Let's see who gets back to me.  If I don't hear anything by Thursday/Friday I will start chasing...
HOPEFULLY I won't hear those all to easy to say sayings....

Lulu x

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Book review - Red Riding Hood by Sarah Blakley-Cartwright

I read Red Riding Hood by Sarah Blakley-Cartwright just before it came out in the cinemas.  Some people just wait for the movie, but I really do like to read the book before hand because I like the magic of seeing a story I have read re-created on screen.

It started off as a really good book, I was hooked after reading the first few words, I'm not sure whether this is because I have a weird obsession with all things medieval/fairytaleish though!

It's all very magical from the first word and the story line is very fast paced which is always a bonus because I hate stories that drag!

I'm going to add a brief outline of the story before I get carried away,  Don't be fooled by the title, it really isn't like any version of Red Riding Hood you've read or heard before, it is based on a young lady called Valerie, (She has a red cloak) and lives in a medieval village cursed with a werewolf, every month a family in the village have to sacrafice an animal from their stock to feed the werewolf, all appears to be strangely ok in the village with all of this going on, people just avoid going out on the night of the full moon... Pretty normal life ay?

One night however the wolf kills a human.  The village obviously get very upset and the hunt for the werewolf begins they then discover that the werewolf is infact someone living amongst them which raises a lot of suspicion and makes everyone question themselves and those they love...

A love triangle is also thrown in to this story as well as deep family secrets, it even  gets a bit saucy in some bits, wahay (lol)

The whole time you are left wondering who the wolf could be, lots and lots of red herrings...

...Like I said I was hooked to this story, this is until I got to the end.  The ending was rubbish! PANTS in fact.

To be honest I wasn't convinced I knew who there Werewolf was at all.  It didn't feel like a proper ending to a really good book, SO DISSAPOINTED!

I then read at the back of the book that the FINAL CHAPTER was actually online.  RIP OFF, If I'd bought the book I want the WHOLE THING,  this was why the ending was pants!

I read the last chapter online like a muppet and I will admit it made the book soooo much better, it was an excellent twist and ending.


I then went to see the film and it was pretty much true to the book (and final online chapter) it added a few bits too which I think would have made the book far more interesting.

I don't normally say this but I think the film may just have been better than the book!

I'd give this book a 4.5 out of 10, if the final chapter was included however I'd give it an 8 or 9!

hmm now what book to read next...


I got my Tragus pierced today, I'm so happy with it :) didn't hurt a bit!

I didn't want to get it done at first in case I get an interview, but 1 interview in 4 months later, why not, I think it will jinx it and I'll get one now lol, I went on ebay and you can get clear ones to hide it anyway so yay.

Not much more to say really, like I said my life is boring lol NEED A JOB!

may do a book review in a bit!!!


Friday, 10 June 2011

About Me

I am very stressed lately.  I figured a way of relieving my stress would be to blog about what is going on in the life of Lulu! - I always swore I wouldn't because I am boring, but hey, if it stops me from getting wrinkles at 21!

Thought I'd start it of with a quiz about me..

Age: 21
Bed Size: Double
Chore you hate: Hanging washing up, it's EFFORT
Dogs: No haven't got one :(
Favourite Colour: Pink
Gold or Silver: Silver!
Height: 5 ft 2
Instruments I play: Violin 8-)
Job title: UNEMPLOYED :'(
Kids: Eventually
Live: London atm
Mum's Name: Sharron
Nicknames: Lu, Lulloyd, Lulee
Pet Peeve: I'd never stop if I started on this subject lol
Quote from a movie: I wish Monkeys could Skype
Right of Left hand: Left
Siblings: Jennie my sister
Time you wake up: When Lillie makes noise lol
Underwear: La Senza <3
Vegetables you dislike: Carrot and Peas euw
X-rays you've had done: Arm, Chest, Leg, Knee, Thumb, Ankle, Teeth, I've even had a MRI scan lol
Yummy Food you make: I am an excellent chef, I may have to blog about it lol
Zoo animal: Dolphins! I went to a zoo on holiday last year, it was amazing, I swam with them FOR FREE :D

Shower time x